Month: January 2019

Landscape 1st

Editors Picks 2018

Thank you to all our amazing members for another fantastic year of beautiful nature images, if it were not for you there would be no NPN. 

It has been an interesting year to say the least! An all new site with a new direction (but with the same core values), we have tripled membership since the change in ownership and continue to add new members every day.


Music From Dark Spaces IX

Finding Your Muse

The idea of having an inspirational person or force in your creative life is not new, the word muse deriving from Greek and Roman mythology and the Nine Daughters of Zeus; the goddesses presiding over the arts and sciences. In more contemporary times, artists such as Van Gogh and Salvador Dali both had one or more muses, and the concept is very much alive and well today.



The Mindful Photographer

Watching the way the current moves a blade of grass—sometimes I’ve seen that happen and it has just turned me inside out.

~Minor White

Consider the following scenario: a person who frequently expresses great love of Chinese food enters one of the most highly rated Chinese restaurants in the world, and orders a favorite dish.


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