Alex Noriega

Hi there! I'm a full-time nature photographer currently based in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Though I enjoy living in the Northwest, my artistic passion lies in the deserts of the American Southwest, particularly the Colorado Plateau. My continuing fascination with this region stems from its geologic diversity, its raw display of the processes of time, and the seemingly endless mystery around every corner. One could spend a lifetime exploring and only uncover a fraction of its secrets! I have an appreciation for dramatic imagery as well as smaller, quieter scenes. I often seek to blend those attributes in my art, hopefully sparking the viewer’s imagination. However, my primary goal is simply to create images that I love.

Agon Wastes

The Power of the Intimate Composition

In today’s race for “epic” landscape imagery, the grand scenic dominates. Sweeping, wide-angle, near-far compositions built on aggressive leading lines and capped by colorful skies are almost certain to attract attention and take social media by storm. Antithetical to these grand compositions are the intimates that have seen a recent resurgence. In this article Alex explains how intimate compositions are the tinder with which the fire of imagination can be sparked.

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