Alister Benn

Alister Benn was born and raised in Scotland and coming from an outdoor family grew up with a profound interest and respect for the natural world and the environments around him. Since 2011, Alister has developed a series of learning courses in landscape photography and his work has been awarded in some of the most prestigious photography competitions. He also writes regular articles in Landscape Photography Magazine and on landscape Magazine and has a solid reputation as both a technician photographer and a deep thinker.

Music From Dark Spaces IX

Finding Your Muse

The idea of having an inspirational person or force in your creative life is not new, the word muse deriving from Greek and Roman mythology and the Nine Daughters of Zeus; the goddesses presiding over the arts and sciences. In more contemporary times, artists such as Van Gogh and Salvador Dali both had one or more muses, and the concept is very much alive and well today.


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