Guy Tal

Guy Tal is a full-time photographer, writer, and naturalist living and working in the Colorado Plateau - a scenic and diverse desert region of the western United States spanning an area larger than most countries and states. His goal is to produce images that inspire without venturing outside the realm of the believable. Guy's ability to imbue a photographic image with one's personal thoughts and emotions is indeed what puts the "art" in Fine Art Photography. We had the privilege to interview this magnificent landscape photographer featuring some of his best wilderness photographs that capture the beauty, power, and fragility of nature, and we invite you to check them below.


The Mindful Photographer

Watching the way the current moves a blade of grass—sometimes I’ve seen that happen and it has just turned me inside out.

~Minor White

Consider the following scenario: a person who frequently expresses great love of Chinese food enters one of the most highly rated Chinese restaurants in the world, and orders a favorite dish.


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