Of Audiences and Best Sellers

There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer. – Ansel Adams


The concept of audience is one of the most difficult ones to come to terms with for artists and photographers. In fact, finding and defining an audience is one of the most difficult aspects of doing art.


Toward a Personal Style

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Most anyone with a small amount of training can successfully operate a camera and make technically proficient photographs. And now, more than anything before, digital cameras have reduced – if not eliminated – the technical barriers to producing high-quality imagery.


Crafting Creative Compositions: An Alliterative Guide to Advanced Artistic Achievement

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Many self-proclaimed “fine art” critics turn their noses up at color natural landscape photography, claiming that it is more “eco-porn” than art. They view landscape photography as relatively unsophisticated, suitable maybe for post cards and calendars, but not for display in distinguished galleries and museums.


How to Critique Photographs Constructively

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He who stands aloof runs the risk of believing himself better than others and misusing his critique of society as an ideology for his private interest.    Theodor Adorno

1 – Introduction: Finding and expressing our vision involves having our work critiqued in order to know where we are at and how others respond to our images.


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